If you’re looking for a different kind of Japanese restaurant in Paris, don’t go further: Blueberry is the most certainly the right choice. Hidden in the tiny rue du Sabot, Blueberry is a bit like a basement full of gems. Don’t judge it on the narrow window: everything takes place in the back.

For once, it is the setting that catches the eye, something seldom in a Parisian Japanese restaurant. Here, it is all about colorful lanterns, raw materials, light effects and the atmosphere of a canteen for happy few. You are comfortable even though you might regret the vicinity with your neighbors.

On the menu’s side, everything is original. The team has decided to surprise you and took the time to create unexpected associations. Hence you can try a Little Miss Yuzu, one of the numerous makis pimped by the chef who doesn’t seem to lack imagination. You can start with the classical edamame, unless you want to get right into it with the Geisha de la rue du Sabot… Keep some appetite for the dessert and give a shot to the black sesame or frozen mochis (a pure delight).

Price: about 35 Euros per person

La régalade Conservatoire

A really good restaurant with a small price? Even in Paris, it is possible. Bruno Doucet, chef of La régalade in the 14th district for years, has opened two new addresses in the past years. Our favorite? The one on rue du Conservatoire, in the Nell hotel.

La régalade, it is, beyond a restaurant, a whole concept. The chef’s idea? Cook original dishes with products of season (the menu changes according to them), within a menu at… 35 euros! Starter, main course and dessert… When you go to La régalade, it’s because you’re hungry and willing to eat well.

Here, you don’t wait for hours: you are welcome with a smile, the waiters give you advice taking their time and, to make you wait until the starters come in, you get a huge terrine, bread and pickles. Simple with a touch of chic.

The flavors are a whirlwind of unexpected tastes. You can rediscover forgotten vegetables, enjoy surprising associations, with always the same conclusion: it is delicious! And if the dishes aren’t too big, it is to make sure you’ll get the best of the dessert. If you like rice pudding, make sure you’ll keep some room for it because that one, you’ll never finish it..!

Price: starter/main course/dessert menu for 35 euros not including

Miss Ko

Miss Ko is the lounge restaurant on avenue George V. Succeeding to the Barfly, which became Bound, Miss Ko brings back the successful years of a place which has been a must in the early 2000s before becoming totally out of date. For the design: Philippe Starck. And the result is more than good! Miss Ko is a tasteful mix of high tech (glass tables broadcast videos – we only regret they(re always the same) and Asian kitsch with a touch of globetrotting spirit.

On the menu, Asian dishes revisited with world food: sashizza (mini pizza with tuna sashimi), chic Bo Bun, exotic burger but also a large selection of inventive sushi and delightful desserts. You only want to try everything which is good: you know you’ll come back for more.

Likeable: the heated terrasse

Price: about 50€ per person