Fortuna Café

The least you can say about Fortuna Café is that it’s unexpected. Of course, you go there to try a simple mie goring, a nasi goring or even fish but the greatest thing about the place isn’t in the dishes, as good as they can get.

What makes Fortuna Café so peculiar is the “entertainment”. The manager seems to have opened it only to give way to his passion: gesturing madly on stage while singing – in his very own style – rock songs. 90s fans, this is for you: meet with Guns’n’Roses and Bon Jovi.

Service is long (though not the worse, from far) but it’s a logic consequence: while a part of the staff is on stage, of course there is less people to handle the rest. However, the fun is there!

Price: about IDR 50 000 for a dish and drink