Tirta Empul

A bit North of Ubud, close to Gunung Kawi, can be found the holly springs of Tirta Empul. Those are the most sacred springs in Bali. Each has its own characteristic: health, luck, sweet dreams, house blessing… The guides will be happy to explain the believed effects of each spring. Everybody can get into the water as long as you wear a sarong above your swimsuit, even though most of the Westerners simply keep on watching.


Taman Ayun

Taman Ayun is one f Bali’s six royal temples. Pura Taman Ayun means “the temple in the nice garden”. Built by the king of Mengwi, it is the only complex of temples with a several roofs characteristic of the Balinese architecture. Dedicated to the Balinese gods, Taman Ayun belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. A small path goes around the complex and permits to see all the buildings with a wonderful perspective when you get to the far end of the temple.


SANg Spa

Ubud is known as the place dedicated to well-being: relaxing, body and soul treatments, traditional massages… Spas are numerous and it would be a crime not to enjoy a moment just for you. SANg Spa is a spa where professionalism and comfort are omnipresent. Everything there is dedicated to an absolute relaxation.

Three different establishments constitute SANg Spa, but the most exotic is number 2. Located in a small street away from the crowd, the place is magical: stones, wood, the setting is natural, cosy and the employees welcome you warmly. Continue reading « SANg Spa »

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is the temple of Dewi Danu, the lake’s goddess. Majestic, it goes forward on Lake Bratan, close to Bedugul. If the atmosphere is so magical, it is because of this particular setting but the garden is also very interesting. In it lives a very old sacred banyan tree. There’s no doubt Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is amongst the most beautiful temples of Bali, and also one of the most important water temples with Pura Ulun Danu Batur located on Mount Batur.


Monkey Forest

The Monkey forest is a Balinese symbol sheltering a holly temple. At the entrance, monkeys greet you in a more or less agreeable manner. Used to meeting tourists, they know that a great majority will offer them bananas. Curious, they won’t hesitate to search your bag for food. It is therefore safer not to bring anything that could attract them as they can become very aggressive and even bite. Still, the place is peaceful and it is very nice to walk among the hundred-year-old trees.


Ubud market

Located in the heart of Ubud, the market is a necessary stop to find souvenirs, a sarong or local craftwork. Be careful, though: the Ubud market is affected by its central localization and the town’s reputation. Hence it is more difficult to make good deals as the sellers are less keen or bargaining than in Sukawati or on the road to Tegallallang. It’s still a very lively place, full of energy, even though it’s more “Western”.

Gunung Kawi

The royal tombs of Gunung Kawi make you feel like you have been sent into Tomb Raider. Majestic, imposing, impressive, they have been carved in the wall and stand out from the stone. To get there, you have to go down long stairs along which sellers will propose sarongs, local craftwork and even fresh coconuts if you’re thirsty. The view over the rice paddies is beautiful. It is better not go visit Gunung Kawi in the warmest hours as the ascent back might be hard.

Golden Valley waterfall

Bali hosts several waterfalls. Among these is the Golden Valley waterfall, located close to Munduk. To get there, you need to go down a narrow path and help yourself with a walking stick that’s given to you at the starting point. The path goes between numerous trees: coffee trees, banana trees… When you get all the way down, the view is astounding and a tiny little restaurant permits to have a coffee, tea or fresh juice in front of the waterfall.

Price: IDR 20 000 for a tea



Tegallallang shops

All along the road to Tegallallang dozens of craftwork shops follow each other. More or less organized shops , booths, street vendors… All occasions are good to buy plenty of souvenirs. Always welcoming, the sellers will bargain with you keeping their smile on and will give you “cheap price”. Pay a particular attention to the crochet hats, in various colors, worn by the sellers; the best advertising!