It might seem strange to go all the way to Bali to eat Japanese… Maybe, but sometimes you need a change from nasi goreng… Kunis restaurant is an experience in itself. An upscale place where the delicacy of eating rules. The chef has created a menu with no real surprise (he didn’t fall for the trend of unexpected sushis and makis) but with traditional and little known dishes.
The menu is consequent but, in order to live the Kunis experience without ruining yourself, you should opt for the set menus. Furthermore, they’ll allow you to ty different tastes. You get out with the feeling of having spent a moment in Japan, just before Seminyak’s buzz catches up with you.

Price: about IDR 300,000


What makes Seminyak so particular is its variety of restaurants and flavors. Ultra-Europeanized district, Oberoi is the place where you can find the Ryoshi, a Japanese restaurant that helds the comparison with the best ones in big cities.

The setting is rather at odds with the Indonesian style and its quiet and peacefulness makes the difference with the noisy bars and restaurants around. You enter Ryoshi like a sanctuary to discover fine and delicate food. The menu is full of special dishes that will attract your attention. Fish is tasty, maki are surprising and barbecue is delicious. Sweet tooth will treat themselves with the cheesecake; not Japanese but so good…

Be careful: the Japanese-style tables in the back demand that you take off your shoes.

Price: about IDR 160 000 for sushi, maki, a cheesecake and green tea

Forty Seven warung

Warung Forty Seven is the most unexpected place. Located on jalan Drupadi, away from Seminyak’s restaurants and attractions, it offers a great choice of “healthy-style” dishes. Don’t get fooled by the unattractive entrance: beyond the cold façade is a not so tiny warung which tables are all occupied at lunch time.

On the menu: soy lasagna, fish and chicken curries, pumpkin and spinach croquettes, various salads… Pick up a rice basis and add what you feel according to your tastes and envies. Everything is good, with no exception.


Price : about IDR 35 000

Poppies restaurant

Poppies restaurant is a true reference in Bali. In fact, it even gave its name to the street on which it is located. Hidden in a luxuriant garden, Poppies’ tables are located is a little hideaway in the heart of a city that never sleeps. Far from the local buzz, Poppies serves a good Indonesian cuisine with surprising tastes. The place is perfect for a romantic dinner.

Price: IDR 150 000 for a fish, dessert and beverage




Made’s Warung

If there’s one restaurant where you can find the VIPs, it’s Made’s Warung, a top restaurant in Seminyak, the “European” neighborhood of Bali. The waiters are very thoughtful and the menu offers a large choice of Balinese food and delicious fish as well as an international cuisine. The mahi-mahi is excellent, the sides are as good as in any of Paris best restaurants and the cocktails are amazing. Because of all those reasons, it’s better to book a table a couple of days earlier. This way, you can ask for a table in the center and end up having dinner under a starry sky.

Price: IDR 150 000 for a cocktail, a fish, a dessert and a beverage



Legian Beach Hotel restaurant

Located right on Legian beach, the Legian Beach Hotel is an upscale resort. The pool restaurant allows to eat a tasteful cuisine while enjoying the sunbeds with a view over the beach. If the clients can’t access the swimming pool without paying a fee, it is nice to spend a moment on a sunbed, under the coconut trees. Beware of the squirrels: they won’t hesitate to taste your food and beverage. The ice tea is good and the Aussie burger excellent.

Price: IDR 100 000 for a burger and an ice tea


La plage

Here is a restaurant that looks different right in the center of Legian, on jalan Melasti. Lost between the spas, the market and the noisy restaurants, La plage is a place where peacefulness rules. The decoration is essentially made of coconut wood: carved coconuts, tables and chairs light as feathers, everything reminds you of a beach, especially the sand on the floor. A good Indonesian cuisine is served, let it be nasi goring or noodles: nothing is disappointing. The atmosphere is relaxed and the upstairs bar with its sofas is very comfortable.

Price: IDR 80 000 for a dish and an ice tea