Uyah hotel

The Uyah hotel is well-named : uyah means « salt » and the hotel is located near salt marshes from which the children from Amed will sell you the salt in nice baskets on the beach. Ecological, the Uyah hotel respects the environment and has created a specific air condition system that doesn’t pollute. Even the water is heated by the sun through an underground system. As for the bungalows, they’re spacious and comfortable, with four poster beds, a lovely bathroom and a small terrace.

Price: IDR 500 000


Blue Moon Villas

Blue Moon Villas

A few bungalow on the cliff, two swimming pools, a restaurant. Some bungalows are bigger than the others. The ones below the road open on a wonderful swimming pool overlooking the sea. A few sunbeds and umbrellas make it easy to enjoy the sunshine between two visits or dives. The outside architecture has been well designed and as well as the furniture and the stone bathrooms. Those have outside showers, as made in Bali. The hotel is a little hideaway where taking your time is no luxury.

Price: 70-100 € per night



Aquaterrace offers a few rooms overlooking the sea. The view is astounding if you’re lucky enough to get the terrace room. You’ll wake up surrounded by the sky and sea, as if you were floating in the air. The experience is amazing. The terrace makes it easy to enjoin the sunset without leaving the room. Even the bathroom dominates the sea with a huge window above the bathtub. Some might be uncomfortable because the road is right under the room and there’s a bit of noise, but the view is worth it.

The family owning Aquaterrace will let you feel at home. The breakfast is good and offers a variety of choices: eggs, burger, Indonesian breakfast or pancakes. Try the pancake with exotic fruits and ginger sauce, a delicious crêpe with papaya, pineapple and banana.

Price: about IDR 470 000 per night