Santai restaurant

The Santai hotel’s restaurant is a little hideaway in Amed, amongst a magnificent garden with a nice swimming-pool. The cuisine is equal to the setting : fish, meat, everything is deliciously prepared and becomes a real bliss for the senses. Even though the Santai restaurant is a bit more expensive than the other restaurants around, it is unavoidable for whom wants to taste the Indonesian cuisine.

Price: IDR 120 000 for a dish and a beverage without the taxes


River View restaurant

On the main road of Ubud, a bit further away from the market, there is a little hideaway perched above a river. It is the River View restaurant, as agreeable as discrete. To find it, stay on the right hand side of the road going out of Ubud to the North and keep your eyes open. Away from the road, we get to the restaurant by tiny stairs leading to a few tables, some right on the edge of the ravine. The cuisine is simple but good, and the prices are totally affordable.

Price: IDR 40 000 for a dish and a beverage


Café Garam

Café Gara is the meeting point for divers and farniente and well-being lovers. Depending from Uyah Hotel, Café Garam proposes an Indonesian traditional cuisine, lassies and Western dishes. The food is tasty, generous, while the team welcomes you warmly with that smile so characteristic of the Balinese people. If you like noodles, try the mie goring. Otherwise, go for a dish with slices of chicken and coconut sauce, the sagar ayam.

Price: main course and ice tea IDR 50 000 without tax


Amed Café

Amed has many resorts, all with a restaurant. But not all are good. The Amed Café belongs to those that count. The place is wonderful, right on the beach, with the sound of the waves barely covered by the traditional live music.

The food deserves equal attention. The fish is excellent, the vegetables crispy and the fruits are fresh. As for the waiters, they will take care of you in the most delicate way.

A place that’s not to be missed.

Price : main course, desert and water IDR 75 000