Uyah spa

The spa of the Uyah hotel is not as luxurious as others can be but it definitely deserves a try as the treatments are very qualitative. The traditional Balinese massage is a real invitation to travelling. Best be done at the end of the day, after diving and enjoying the sunshine.

Price : one-hour traditional Balinese massage for IDR 80 000

Tirtagangga, water palace

Tirtagangga is know as the « water palace ». Named after India’s sacred river, Tirtagangga literally means “water of the Gange”. Built in 1946, the palace has been destroyed by Mount Agung’s eruption in 1963. Tirtagangga is located in the South-East part of Bali. Once the entrance passed, you’re in front of the royal ponds where statues face in other and a magnificent fountain with eleven levels dominates. Stones in the first pond allow to cross it. Further, two royal pools allow the visitors to swim in a sacred atmosphere far from the one of the hotels’ pools.


Ascent of Mount Batur

Mount Batur is one of Bali’s volcanos. It faces Mount Agung, the highest volcano of the island. Its ascent can be done in a little less than two hours. Despite what can be read here and there, climbing Mount Batur isn’t as easy as one can think: if the first third is quite flat, the second is harder and the third demands to hold on. Added to this, the path is steep, there are numerous stones and no one is safe from a bad foot positioning. Better than be careful during the ascent and not hurry. If some children climb Mount Batur, let’s not forget that several people abandon on their way up and that the lack of balance doesn’t allow to help others keep their balance.

Price: IDR 450 000 per person with a guide


Amed Dive

If you want to go scuba diving around Amed, don’t go further : Amed Dive is the club that makes the difference. Right next door to the Uyah Hotel, it proposes wonderful dives, as for example the Liberty shipwreck close to Tulamben beach.

Amed Dive is also very concerned about the protection of the environment and has created an artificial reef so that the species have a place to live even though the natural reefs have been damaged. As for the team, they’re very serious, professional and will guide all divers, advanced as well as beginners.

Price : 4 dives 75 €