Uyah spa

The spa of the Uyah hotel is not as luxurious as others can be but it definitely deserves a try as the treatments are very qualitative. The traditional Balinese massage is a real invitation to travelling. Best be done at the end of the day, after diving and enjoying the sunshine.

Price : one-hour traditional Balinese massage for IDR 80 000

Uyah hotel

The Uyah hotel is well-named : uyah means « salt » and the hotel is located near salt marshes from which the children from Amed will sell you the salt in nice baskets on the beach. Ecological, the Uyah hotel respects the environment and has created a specific air condition system that doesn’t pollute. Even the water is heated by the sun through an underground system. As for the bungalows, they’re spacious and comfortable, with four poster beds, a lovely bathroom and a small terrace.

Price: IDR 500 000


Tirtagangga, water palace

Tirtagangga is know as the « water palace ». Named after India’s sacred river, Tirtagangga literally means “water of the Gange”. Built in 1946, the palace has been destroyed by Mount Agung’s eruption in 1963. Tirtagangga is located in the South-East part of Bali. Once the entrance passed, you’re in front of the royal ponds where statues face in other and a magnificent fountain with eleven levels dominates. Stones in the first pond allow to cross it. Further, two royal pools allow the visitors to swim in a sacred atmosphere far from the one of the hotels’ pools.


Santai restaurant

The Santai hotel’s restaurant is a little hideaway in Amed, amongst a magnificent garden with a nice swimming-pool. The cuisine is equal to the setting : fish, meat, everything is deliciously prepared and becomes a real bliss for the senses. Even though the Santai restaurant is a bit more expensive than the other restaurants around, it is unavoidable for whom wants to taste the Indonesian cuisine.

Price: IDR 120 000 for a dish and a beverage without the taxes


River View restaurant

On the main road of Ubud, a bit further away from the market, there is a little hideaway perched above a river. It is the River View restaurant, as agreeable as discrete. To find it, stay on the right hand side of the road going out of Ubud to the North and keep your eyes open. Away from the road, we get to the restaurant by tiny stairs leading to a few tables, some right on the edge of the ravine. The cuisine is simple but good, and the prices are totally affordable.

Price: IDR 40 000 for a dish and a beverage


Café Garam

Café Gara is the meeting point for divers and farniente and well-being lovers. Depending from Uyah Hotel, Café Garam proposes an Indonesian traditional cuisine, lassies and Western dishes. The food is tasty, generous, while the team welcomes you warmly with that smile so characteristic of the Balinese people. If you like noodles, try the mie goring. Otherwise, go for a dish with slices of chicken and coconut sauce, the sagar ayam.

Price: main course and ice tea IDR 50 000 without tax


Blue Moon Villas

Blue Moon Villas

A few bungalow on the cliff, two swimming pools, a restaurant. Some bungalows are bigger than the others. The ones below the road open on a wonderful swimming pool overlooking the sea. A few sunbeds and umbrellas make it easy to enjoy the sunshine between two visits or dives. The outside architecture has been well designed and as well as the furniture and the stone bathrooms. Those have outside showers, as made in Bali. The hotel is a little hideaway where taking your time is no luxury.

Price: 70-100 € per night


Ascent of Mount Batur

Mount Batur is one of Bali’s volcanos. It faces Mount Agung, the highest volcano of the island. Its ascent can be done in a little less than two hours. Despite what can be read here and there, climbing Mount Batur isn’t as easy as one can think: if the first third is quite flat, the second is harder and the third demands to hold on. Added to this, the path is steep, there are numerous stones and no one is safe from a bad foot positioning. Better than be careful during the ascent and not hurry. If some children climb Mount Batur, let’s not forget that several people abandon on their way up and that the lack of balance doesn’t allow to help others keep their balance.

Price: IDR 450 000 per person with a guide



Aquaterrace offers a few rooms overlooking the sea. The view is astounding if you’re lucky enough to get the terrace room. You’ll wake up surrounded by the sky and sea, as if you were floating in the air. The experience is amazing. The terrace makes it easy to enjoin the sunset without leaving the room. Even the bathroom dominates the sea with a huge window above the bathtub. Some might be uncomfortable because the road is right under the room and there’s a bit of noise, but the view is worth it.

The family owning Aquaterrace will let you feel at home. The breakfast is good and offers a variety of choices: eggs, burger, Indonesian breakfast or pancakes. Try the pancake with exotic fruits and ginger sauce, a delicious crêpe with papaya, pineapple and banana.

Price: about IDR 470 000 per night