The magic of faraway landscapes, always different, breathtaking, amazing temples…

Asia is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated destinations for travellers willing to see something else than what they are used to. Lands bordered by beaches with turquoise water, thousands of temples, a fascinating and enriching culture, astounding flavors, striking contrasts. This is what Asia and all its characteristics offer. Sometimes fuzzy, sometimes traditional, always different.

It is also a continent where spirituality is omnipresent. The religions meet up, numerous, the divinities add themselves to each other. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianism, Judaism, Taoism… A way to see them differently, to discover them elsewhere than on television or in newspapers. Nothing is more moving than being invited to a religious ceremony even if not sharing the same beliefs.

This is Asia, a distant world though not that far, a tasty melting pot of colors, smells, sounds, an effervescence that can be found nowhere else.